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Panel members

A panel appointed by NERC in consultation with AHRC assesses all applications to the service. The proposals are normally considered by one of two subcommitees of the panel concentrating on Environmental (Env) and Archaeological (Arch) research.

Any correspondance with the panel should be with the joint secretaries (in the first instance) or the Chair:

NRCF - Both committees

Name Role
Professor A Long (Chairman) Chair
University of Durham
Dr Adele Gardner
Science Co-ordinator
British Geological Survey
Dr Katherine Warren
AHRC Representative
AHRC, Swindon
Dr Amber Vater
NERC Head of Facilities
NERC, Swindon

NRCF-Oxford representatives - ex officio

Scottish Marine Institute

Professor Tom Higham
Director ORAU
University of Oxford
Professor Christopher Ramsey
University of Oxford
Ms. Emma Henderson
Secretary NRCF-O
University of Oxford

NRCF-East Kilbride representatives - ex officio
University of Cambridge
Professor Darren Mark
Director of NERC Facilities
Dr Philippa Ascough
Head of NRCF-EK
NERC Radiocarbon Facility
Dr Steve Moreton
Secretary NRCF-EK
NERC Radiocarbon Facility

Panel members

Archaeology Committee members

Dr William Davies
University of Southampton
Professor Greger Larson

University of Oxford
Professor David Mattingley

University of Leicester
Professor Naomi Sykes

University of Exeter
Professor Niall Sharples

University ofCardiff
Environment Committee members

Professor Dave Polya

University of Manchester
Professor Sarah Metcalfe

University of Nottingham
Professor Frank Mayle

University of Reading
Professor Iain Hartley

University of Exeter
Dr Jerry Lloyd

University of Durham
Professor Chris Evans

Environment Centre Wales
Professor Nicki Whitehouse

Plymouth University