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Panel members

A panel appointed by NERC in consultation with AHRC assesses all applications to the service. The proposals are normally considered by one of two subcommitees of the panel concentrating on Environmental (Env) and Archaeological (Arch) research.

Any correspondance with the panel should be with the joint secretaries (in the first instance) or the chairman:


Institution Subcommitee(s)
Prof A Long (Chairman)
University of Durham Env/Arch
Dr S W G Davies
University of Southampton Arch
Prof W R Gehrels
University of Plymouth Env
Dr I Hartley

University of Exeter
Dr J Howe

Scottish Marine Institute

Prof P Ineson
University of York Env
Prof G J Larson
University of Oxford
Prof C O'Cofaigh
Durham University Env
Dr T C O'Connell
University of Cambridge Arch
Prof D Mattingly
University of Leicester Arch
Dr F Mayle

University of Reading
Prof S Metcalfe

University of Nottingham
Prof D Polya
University of Manchester Env
Dr H Roe
Queen's University Belfast Env
Dr N Sykes

University of Nottingham
Prof N Sharples

Cardiff University

Ex-officio members

Institution Subcommitee(s)
Dr C L Bryant Head of NRCF-EK NERC Radiocarbon Facility - EK Env
Prof R M Ellam Director of SUERC Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre Env
Mr S Elliott BGS Representative British Geological Survey Arch/Env
Dr A Gardner BGS Representative
British Geological Survey Env/Arch
Ms S Hanshaw AHRC Representative Arts and Humanities Research Council Arch
Prof T F G Higham  (thomas.higham@rlaha.ox.ac.uk) Joint Secretary University of Oxford Arch
Dr M Manning
NERC representative

Dr S Moreton  (s.moreton@nercrcl.gla.ac.uk) Joint Secretary NERC Radiocarbon Facility - EK Env
Prof R R Parrish Director of Science Facilities, BGS British Geological Survey Arch/Env
Prof C B Ramsey Director of RLAHA and ORAU, Head of NRCF-Ox
University of Oxford Arch